About Reham

Bio of Reham  

In the intricate world of artistic expression, Reham stands as a unique force, wielding a style she aptly named "Monamnamat 

This captivating approach to art is a manifestation of a gift bestowed upon her by the universe. Each stroke, a dance of creativity; each canvas, a testament to a profound connection with the unseen. 


Reham, a self-taught artist, did not embark on a traditional artistic journey through formal education. Instead, her artistic prowess is a cosmic endowment, a natural ability that flows effortlessly from her soul to the canvas. With roots grounded in the universe's mysterious offerings, Reham found herself immersed in the realm of art.

Monamnamat Style:

In the enchanting realm of Monamnamat, Reham unveils a style that defies categorization. Each piece is a carefully curated narrative, a story waiting to be unraveled. Though the surface may appear chaotic, a deeper gaze reveals the profound peace embedded within the layers of colors and textures.


Artistic Philosophy:

Reham's philosophy transcends the traditional boundaries of art. With Monamnamat, she endeavors to convey a unique perspective — the harmony that exists within chaos. Each painting is an exploration, an invitation for the observer to delve beyond the surface and discover the tranquil oasis concealed within the apparent disorder.


Artistic Journey:

Reham's artistic journey unfolds slowly, much like the deliberate pace at which she completes each painting. The allure of Monamnamat has graced exhibitions, offering audiences a chance to immerse themselves in the enigmatic stories woven into every canvas. Recognition and appreciation have followed, testament to the universal language her art speaks.


Peace in Chaos:

The essence of Monamnamat lies in the duality of chaos and tranquility. Reham beckons viewers to see beyond the apparent disorder, to embrace the beauty that emerges when chaos and peace intertwine. In every brushstroke, she invites you to join her in a contemplative journey, finding solace in the midst of life's tumultuous tapestry.